Team Extreme LLC Testimonials


Brian Kenney from Team Extreme has provided our South Milwaukee High School Girls Basketball Program with an opportunity to create a positive culture that has translated into success for our teams.  Brian provided our teams with carefully chosen activities that helped decision making and analysis, bonding and togetherness, and an overall support and caring for each other that is difficult to achieve within a high school sports program.  The girls learned valuable life lessons through the completion of tasks that required our players to take risks that utilized their leadership skills that helped to develop support for one another as they completed the team building activities.   It was truly a remarkable transformation within one session.  We have worked with Brian for the past two seasons and are looking forward to continuing this relationship in the future.


Jim Grassl – South Milwaukee Girls Varsity Basketball Coach


One of the first things on my calendar each fall is scheduling Brian Kenney to do teambuilding with our girls. He has a unique way of blending fun activities and discussion/follow-up that gets to the heart of what our team needs to create chemistry and accountability. Brian can quickly analyze a team in a variety of ways and guide the discussion to get to the core of matters that need to be addressed.

We’ve had significant success in part because of our team chemistry every year, and Brian is a big part of that!

Every year is different – he brings a wide variety of activities and challenges that create opportunities for our players to have to work together to complete tasks – then afterward figure out what happened and how it affects our team moving forward – and therefore get to know each other in a deeper way and create an atmosphere of collaboration and accountability.

I consider Brian a part of our program, and it’s not unusual for him to connect with girls that have been on our team when they go on to the college ranks! I wouldn’t start a season without his involvement.

Bruce Moriarty – Neenah Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach